Keynote Speaker Doug Burgum

21Recognized globally for his visionary business and entrepreneurial leadership Doug Burgum tributes his success to the values and ethics instilled by his family and community. A native of Arthur, North Dakota, Doug, as chairman and CEO, is credited for leading Great Plains Software, a small North Dakota computer software startup company, through a very successful IPO in 1997 followed by a strategic acquisition by Microsoft Corporation in 2001 for $1.1 billion, where he continued his leadership as senior vice president through 2007.

Doug reaffirmed his passion for North Dakota in 2006 when he founded Kilbourne Group, a company committed to reinvigorating the economic viability of downtown Fargo. And in 2008 Doug co-founded Arthur Ventures, a regional B2B software venture capital firm.

In 2009, Doug was awarded the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award, North Dakota’s highest honor, by then-Governor John Hoeven. The award recognizes North Dakotans who have been influenced by North Dakota in achieving national recognition in their fields of endeavor.